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Thrifty: Cut The Cost Of Booking Online

In this article, we are going to look at how you can cut the cost of booking online. Today there are too many options for booking holidays. Online platforms like Trivago and Expedia give us a lot of choice.

This choice means we probably only limit ourselves to a small number of potential bookings due to excessive choice. People don’t trawl through all listings any more. Instead, they go for a small selection of the best holdings.

This means that the average hotelier probably doesn’t benefit as much as we think – this presents an opportunity for thriftiness.

The Tip
When you find a hotel online on a giant internet search engine, do not book then. Instead find the hotels websites, their contact details and get in touch.

If you contact the hoteliers directly, you can get much better deals that the ones online. If you have stayed there before, you might even be able to get incredible deals.

Second Tip
Another great tip is to turn off the cookies when you revisit the site a second time.

Sometimes cookies can affect the prices on the website as the platforms can make judgements based on the data.

This has not been proven whether this drives up prices. Critics will argue that there is no evidence to substantiate. Yet it makes sense, because it costs you almost nothing.

If you are interested in how to cut costs, read this.

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